Dr. John and Mrs. Polly Townley Scholarship

The award for the Dr. John and Mrs. Polly Townley scholarship is $250.

We are happy to announce that the Everman Education Foundation Board has decided to add an additional $1000 for the 2022–2023 School year.

Scholarship Description

In recognition of the opening of The John and Polly Townley Elementary Campus, the Townleys established a dedicated scholarship fund for an Everman ISD graduate who attended John and Polly Townley Elementary.

Dr. John and Mrs. Polly Townley have been a part of Everman History for fifty years. He began his career in Everman as a teacher and coach, but immediately became principal, and later superintendent of schools. Mrs. Townley served as school secretary and unofficial nurse to students and friend to everyone. It was in their honor that the John and Polly Townley Elementary Campus was named and opened in the fall of 2009.

Dr. John Townley is a graduate of Weatherford Junior College, Texas Wesleyan College, and the University of Texas at Austin. He served Everman ISD, as a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent. During his tenure as Superintendent of the Everman Independent School District, he was the key leader in keeping the district open, despite major financial issues. He also managed the first enrollment boom, with the total number of students doubling from one year to the next. He immediately began construction on what is now Bishop Elementary in order to provide enough classrooms for the growing school district.

Polly Townley served Everman as the school secretary, nurse, sponsor, and mother figure. She knew every student by name. Their former students indicate that their influence has lasted a lifetime, and their legacy will be a part of eternity.

Scholarship Intent

The John and Polly Townley Scholarship is intended for student scholarships to attend a post-secondary two year or four year college or university. Any Everman ISD graduate who attended Townley Elementary will be considered for this scholarship. Preference will be given to students who will major in education preparation with becoming a teacher their goal.

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship recipients of the Dr. John and Polly Townley Endowed Scholarship, which will be awarded based on:

  1. Completed highest grade at Townley

  2. Cumulative GPA 3.0

  3. Extra-curricular activities

  4. Participation in community service

  5. Leadership

  6. Maintain a consistent personal value system with no ethical or conduct issues

  7. Accepted into a two-year or four-year college

  8. Major in education preparation leading to certification as a teacher, preferred.

Other Aspects Regarding the Scholarship

  1. Diversity will be honored in the selection of recipients.

  2. Financial need will be considered in awarding the scholarship.

  3. Based on earnings of the corpus, the Everman Education Foundation may award more than one scholarship.

  4. The John and Polly Townley Scholarship is a one-time award and is not available for further awards to the same student. Subsequent awards in later years will be dependent on available funding.

Provisions for Application

A student making application for the Dr. John and Polly Townley Scholarship shall provide the following materials:

  1. Letter of Application

  2. High School Transcript

  3. Three letters of recommendation or reference

  4. Application due no later than May 3.

Scholarship Selection

A scholarship committee comprised of representatives from Everman Education Foundation, Joe C. Bean and The Academy High School Administration and Faculty shall review all applications and make a final selection for award. The decision of the selection committee is final and not subject to appeal. Announcement of the scholarship recipient will be made at the annual Senior Awards Program and/or the community Baccalaureat program.

Provisions for Payment

A check for $625 will be issued from the Everman Education Foundation to the college or university upon evidence of enrollment as a full-time student and acknowledgment from the student. Funds are payable on or before the 12th day of the fall and 12th day of the spring semester.